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Locksmith works to unlock a door.

Responding When Lives Are on the Line 

One recent story ripped from the headlines was a surprising reminder that locksmiths are more than just skilled tradesmen and women. Sometimes locksmiths are the ones who save the day, or even save a life. 

Changing the Locks Was a Life-Changing Moment 

locksmith on the job in Utah last year, saved a woman’s life when he recognized an emergency situation. He had been called to a house with the request to change the locks. While working to make the change requested, he noticed a man in the house who was acting suspiciously; he seemed nervous and overly protective of the woman. When the locksmith, who only wanted to be identified by his first name – Greg – had finished the job, he went to the homeowner to give her an invoice. That’s when she showed Greg the palm of her hand, where she had written “911.”  

Suspecting domestic abuse, the locksmith called the police promptly upon leaving the home. After the man was arrested, Greg found out what had really happened. The man, Grant Eggertsen, had been holding the woman prisoner in her own home after entering without permission and assaulting her. The victim had previously dated Eggertsen who planned the attack out of jealousy. In fact, the victim had requested the lock change the previous day to defend herself from the volatile ex.  

Only when the locksmith heard that Eggertsen had been charged with aggravated kidnapping, unlawful detention, trespassing, and assault did he realize that he had actually saved the woman’s life by acting on her silent plea for help. 

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Preventing Children from Getting Locked in Cars 

And there are similarly heroic things that locksmiths do more regularly. They are the first technician first responders call if there is a child or pet locked inside a vehicle. If heat is an issue or the trapped child may be otherwise in danger, of course the police, firefighters, or bystanders should break the glass of the car. If time is less of a problem, however, an emergency locksmith can intervene and get the car door unlocked without damaging the vehicle.  

In fact, to help prevent this scary situation entirely, a local locksmith in Tennessee started offering to make free spare car keys for parents. The owner of Hollingsworth Locksmith Service said although he was glad to be able to help in those tense moments when a parent or guardian can’t get a child out of a locked, hot car, he would rather avoid the emergency call altogether.  

“I’d rather do it that way; calm, safe, easy, give a key away. It helps them, helps us and everybody’s happy, and it might just save the life of one child. “It’s 100% free. I don’t care what make and what model, we’re going to make it happen so that you have an auxiliary, entry tool or device, a key to get in that vehicle.” – Philip Hollingsworth 

Secure the Property Following a Break-In 

If your house or commercial property has been burglarized, vandalized or the door show signs that it has been forced or someone tried to break in, it’s critical to call a locksmith. Whenever you suspect that security has been compromised, changing the locks or having the locks rekeyed can help secure the property. This is especially true because the locks may have been damaged by the assailants, making it easier to break in again or leaving it vulnerable to other attacks. This is also a good time to discuss measures that can be taken to increase security and prevent break-ins in the future. 

When You’re Locked Out of the Car 

This problem occurs less frequently these days with keyless entry and proximity keys, also known as transponder keys. However, it’s still possible to get locked out of your car when using the spare set, by hitting the lock button before getting out and leaving the keys inside, or if the doors lock automatically. Anyway, no matter how it happens to you, it always seems to happen at the wrong time. In this case, a locksmith can really save the day. 

We tend to get more calls about car lockouts when the driver is distracted for some reason, on vacation, or in a rush. They are also more likely to lock the keys in a new car, a rental, or a borrowed vehicle because the driver is less familiar with how the locking system works and they haven’t added the key to their regular key ring, which tends to throw people off.  

A locksmith is your best option for getting out of a lockout bind. Mobile locksmith service providers show up in their van and can unlock the car without breaking the glass and make a copy of the key to prevent this problem in the future.  

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When You’re Locked Out of the Home or Office 

Similarly, finding yourself locked outside is an unpleasant, and inconvenient, experience. Call a locksmith who you trust to save you from infinite waiting. He or she can usually unlock the door without damaging the locks or breaking windows. Then, once the emergency has been resolved, you can discuss installing a keypad, smart lock, or proximity reader to enable keyless entry to your home or office. 

Cracking the Safe 

Sometimes people inherit a safe or loose the key to a safe. It can also happen that the safe owner forgets the combination , key code, or can’t open it  because the lock mechanism is broken. In these situations, there may not be a life on the line, but being unable to access the valuables inside can feel like the end of the world. This is another way that locksmiths save the day! 

Locksmiths to the Rescue! 

Call GV Lock to get help when you are in a bind. Learn more about our emergency services and locksmith safe services. 

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