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Locksmith Tips: How to Prevent a Home Burglary

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The communities of Chester County, are great places to live. From West Chester and Exton to Downingtown or and Chester Springs, home burglaries are not something we often think will happen to us. In fact, many Chester County residents still leave their doors unlocked when away from home. Although we are somewhat secluded from the crime problems of Philadelphia and other Pennsylvania cities, we are still susceptible to the same issues. As this recent Daily Local News article illustrates, home burglaries can happen in any of the communities mentioned above, at any time. As home security and lock experts, we felt the need to put together an article to educate you about how to prevent this sort of crime from happening to you and your loved ones.

Many people do not recognize the prevalence of home burglaries that occur without forced entry. In fact, many burglars prefer to knock on the door of a home in the middle of the day. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, over one-third of burglaries in the United States did not involve forced entry. Hiring the right residential locksmith can be among the most important security measures for almost any home.

About Daytime Burglaries

Numerous criminals have figured out that robbing homes in broad daylight is one of the easiest ways to burglarize homes without getting caught. A burglar will typically knock on the front door in hopes that no one will answer. In the event someone is home, the burglar can easily lie about intentions. A few common lies given by daytime burglar include:

  • A request to complete odd jobs for cash.
  • A request to use the telephone.
  • A request for directions.
  • An apology for accidentally approaching the wrong house.

Many daytime burglars are not especially violent individuals. Daytime burglars can often best be described as opportunists. Rather than keeping a homeowner hostage or otherwise engaging in a violent confrontation, daytime burglars typically want to find an unlocked door, enter the property, and leave with items of value. In fact, one of the most commonly targeted entry points for a crime of opportunity is the garage door.

The Right Locks for Optimal Security

Some locks can be fairly easy to pick. Locks that have a mechanism that only affects the movement of the door handle are typically less secure than a deadbolt. These types of locks are often fine for rooms in the house including bathrooms. Deadbolts are usually sturdier, but the homeowner has to always remember to lock all doors that provide access to the house.

Multiple locking systems can be used for optimal home security. Deadbolts can be used in addition to locks installed on the door handle that will lock every time the door is closed. This type of automatic locking system can be an easy way for sometimes forgetful homeowners to keep their property secure. Multiple locks can also deter daytime burglars given that burglars typically do not want to attract too much attention or spend too much time fiddling with the lock.

A professional locksmith can install a superior locking system as well as unlock the door in the event you accidentally lock your keys inside your home. It is arguably better to infrequently lock yourself out of your home than be burglarized for a number of reasons.

When Daytime Burglaries Go Wrong

In a best-case scenario, a daytime burglar will determine how to enter your home is too much trouble and move on. In the worst case scenario, you could be put in a dangerous situation after interrupting a burglary in progress. The burglar might commit violent acts in order to reduce the chances that unsuspecting victims file a police report or the burglar is caught by the authorities.
Many victims of burglary that were not present at the time of the home invasion find the experience upsetting. However, victims that are present can suffer lasting emotional trauma or substantial physical harm.

Why the Right Lock Can Make a Big Difference

As mentioned earlier, most daytime burglars do not particularly care which home they enter unlawfully. The right locks can be a simple incentive for burglars to move on. In addition, the installation of security products does not have to cost a fortune. Burglary is prevalent in the United States. According to statistical data from the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the United States 2012 Census, over 2,100,000 burglaries were reported in the United States. Hiring a locksmith that understands the ins and outs of residential locks and home security can give many burglars enough incentive to go elsewhere.

Securing Windows and Glass Doors

It is important to note that a daytime burglar might see an unlocked back door as a good opportunity to enter your property. However, burglars almost never want to get caught. Smashing glass or climbing through a window that is visible to neighbors can draw unwanted attention. Daytime burglars want to be as covert as possible. A daytime burglar is unlikely to create a disturbance that might arouse suspicion. A simple deterrent might be all you need to keep your property and your family safe.

The Best Locks for Residential Security

Homes can be very different by design. The options available for doors and locks are limitless. To help you choose the best lock for your home, consult with a Great Valley Lockshop locksmith. We’re the local lock experts and make the best recommendations and solutions for keeping your home (and loved ones) secure.

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