Best Door Locks for Every Door

Popular Door Locks: Which Type is Best For Your Door?

Best Door Locks for Every Door
Whether you’re a home or business owner, the fact remains that you want to keep your property secure. This is why it’s so important to take the proper security measures. Interestingly enough, when most people think about residential and commercial security measures, they often think about equipment like surveillance cameras and high-tech security technology. In reality, one of the best ways to protect your property and enjoy added peace of mind is simply to have the right doors and locks, both inside and out.

Of course, not all locks are created equally; some provide greater security than others. For this reason, it’s important for home and business owners alike to understand the most common door locks, along with their potential benefits and uses. This way, you can make sure your property is well secured.

Exterior Residential and Commercial Doors

Deadbolts are one of the most common types of high security locks out there for exterior doors; they’re often found on the exterior doors of homes and businesses alike. Specifically, a deadbolt lock typically has one side that requires a key to open, and one side with a thumb-turn for easy access from inside the building. As such, deadbolts must always be locked from the outside; this is great for preventing accidental lockouts.

There are several different options for deadbolt locks, depending on the level of security one is looking to achieve. These include:

Lockable thumbturn

Single deadbolt locks are the most common variety and are likely the ones you’re used to seeing in your own home or business. A double deadbolt lock provides additional security by by requiring a key to open the lock from either side (rather than having a thumb-turn option on the inside). The only potential drawback to this type of lock is that it can pose a hazard in the event of a fire; for this reason, double deadbolts should always be kept unlocked anytime people are inside the home or business.

A lockable thumb-turn variety has a thumb-turn option on the inside, but this also has the capability of being locked when others aren’t in the building, such as after a store’s closing time.

Interior Residential Doors (Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Etc.)

Knob locks are generally used on interior doors and are most often found inside homes. If you’re a homeowner, then you more than likely have several of these locks in your residence already. They’re great for providing added security and privacy within the home (such as on bathroom, bedroom, and office doors), but they’re generally not recommended for sole use on exterior doors. Often times, when these locks are used on exterior doors, they’ll be used in conjunction with a deadbolt or other higher-security lock option.

The main reason you don’t want to use a knob lock as your primary lock on an exterior door is that they can easily be picked or broken into. That’s because, in most cases, these types of locks can be broken off the door using only a hammer or other simple tools. All the lock components of this type of lock are located within the knob itself, so it doesn’t take much to simply remove the knob and disable the lock. Still, for basic use on internal doors, knob locks are an affordable and functional option to consider.

Interior Commercial Doors (Break Rooms, Offices, Etc.)

Most commonly, lever handle locks are found installed on the interior doors of commercial buildings and businesses. Essentially, a lever handle lock is similar to a door knob lock in terms of its mechanisms, but there are some differences. For example, rather than requiring a person to grasp and twist a traditional knob, a lever handle is typically easier for those with physical handicaps to use. For this reason, lever handle locks are very popular for use in businesses where Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance is required.

It’s also not uncommon to see lever handle locks used in conjunction with access code locks, especially in company break rooms or stock closets. This is a great way to add a little extra security (as only employees with the lock code can open the lock) and control access, as small key pads can be installed alongside these locks quite easily. The one thing to be careful about when it comes to lever handle locks is the fact that, with enough torque, some of these locks can be broken. Many lock manufacturers offer clutch systems that can prevent against this, however.

Industrial and Commercial Exterior Doors

Last but certainly not least, there’s the option of installing rim/mortise locks on your existing doors. Most often, you’ll see these installed on industrial doors and other commercial doors; they’re not as common in homes, but some apartments will install them on doors leading to common areas or inside multi-unit buildings. Specifically, these types of locks must be operated with the key inside the lock at all times.

The nice thing about a rim/mortise lock is that it’s installed directly inside the door, rather than being located inside the more vulnerable knob. As a result, rim/mortise locks are also extremely difficult to pick due to the fact that they often five or more different cylinders. Many of these are also available in double-lock systems, allowing them to be locked from either the inside or outside for added convenience.

These are just a few of the most commonly used locks both in residential and commercial buildings. Hopefully, you can now make a better informed decision regarding which type of lock is best for your specific needs. And remember, if you’re in need of help in choosing the right lock or even installing them, be sure to contact the professionals at Great Valley Lockshop for all your lock needs. Call us at 610-644-5334 or get a free estimate here!

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