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how to retrofit access control systems

Advantages of Retrofitting Access Control Systems

You likely envision a brand-new, elegant structure packed with the newest technology when you think of smart buildings and smart technology. However, this does not always have to be the case. Two-thirds of the commercial buildings that exist today are expected to still be extant in 2050. Therefore, older buildings will constantly require renovation to incorporate modern technologies, such as access control systems. 

Early in the millennium, smartphones became widely available. Since then, access control technology has advanced dramatically. People no longer use keys to open doors for themselves or their visitors; instead, they use their smartphones. When using legacy security systems, wiring configuration costs hundreds or even thousands of dollars per structure. But all those concerns and issues are irrelevant with wireless access control systems. All types of infrastructure can be accommodated by modern technology. The trick? 

Modern cloud-based access control devices don’t require considerable wiring because they run on the cloud. Installation, which is frequently the main obstacle for business properties thinking about upgrading their access control system, is simple. 

Steps to Take When Retrofitting 

Establish a Strong Wifi Connection Throughout 

The first step in enabling cloud-based access control at your business is to create a strong wireless internet connection. If your facility is large, you might want to consider placing numerous WiFi extenders or points all around the place. Your access control system will be a trustworthy component of your IoT network and able to communicate with other online devices only if you have a robust internet connection. For the purpose of allowing smartphone-based access control, this is particularly crucial. 

Select a Cloud-Based Access Control System 

Data is stored on the cloud rather than an onsite server via cloud-based access control systems. All data is regularly updated and backed up with a cloud-based system. Building administrators can also control the system and modify access rights from any place that has an internet connection. The biggest benefit of cloud-based systems is that they do away with the necessity for significant wiring throughout the structure. 

Make a Plan for Installation 

The method of installing an access control system varies according to the condition of the building, so hire a trained installer. However, the only approach to guarantee a faultless installation is to hire a certified technician. 

Add on Door Release Devices 

Install door release mechanisms so that the access control panel can be contacted by door release devices. The control panel then sends a signal to the door release mechanism and unlocks the door once an authorized user taps or swipes to open the door from their phone. Consider adding an automatic door opener, which opens the door when unlocked for touchless access. 

Inform Employees & Occupants  

Last but not least, familiarize building occupants and employees with the new access control system by providing them with training. After registering with the system, this usually involves having people download a mobile app. Provide training materials to renters and staff so they can get the most out of the new technology. 

Modern office workflow software and property management systems can frequently be integrated with access control systems. As a result, your access control system will automatically include everyone on the tenant list or employee roster. 

Retrofitting Access Control & Security Hardware Is Possible 

Commercial security is a constant need for businesses. Great Valley Lockshop works to stay on top of the latest security systems and implement the best access control solutions for commercial facilities in the Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and New Jersey area. 

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