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Smart Garage Door Lock Solutions

Most people don’t know how easy it is to break into a garage, but a thief certainly does. Using a simple wire hanger, a burglar can open an automatic door in just a few seconds. Protect the tools, equipment and valuables stored in your garage with these locking solutions.

Why Garage Doors Are a Weak Point in Home Security

Preventing garage break-ins should be considered an important part of home security, especially when thieves could gain access to your house. Unfortunately, when it comes to security, most homeowners don’t think too much about the garage door.

By moving aside the weather stripping around the door and using a straightened wire hanger to pull the emergency release, burglars have quick and easy access to your house. Other thieves break into cars parked outside the home and use the automatic door opener to gain access.

Until recently, there weren’t a lot of great solutions for homeowners looking for an easy way to secure their garage.

Traditional Methods for Securing a Garage

Until recently, there weren’t a lot of solid options for securing your garage door. Some DIYers used zip ties to secure the emergency release cord, which is actually dangerous and illegal. Others recommend using a padlock or deadbolt to lock the door, something that most homeowners would only do when leaving for an extended period of time. The inconvenience of needing to get out of your car, find the key and unlock it is too impractical for most homeowners.

Thanks to technology there are some practical new solutions which are easy to use, yet help increase security for a home with an automatic garage door.

New Smart Locking Solutions

By now we are all fairly familiar with the advantages of smart locks for regular doors in a residential or commercial setting. But what solutions does this type of technology offer for garage doors? Your smart home should ensure security at all entry points.

Here are the top three security solutions for automatic garage doors.

Smart Garage Door Opener

Companies like Chamberlain sell automatic door openers that connect to your home WiFi system. With integrated technology, the opener can easily be synced with your smart home app and controlled through your phone or tablet. Once it’s set up, your smart garage door opener will send you notifications if the door has been opened or left open longer than the set period of time. Plus, you can operate the door remotely – closing it if you’ve forgotten or opening for package delivery, for example.

Smart Garage Door Remote

Add-on devices are also available for remote garage door operation. Garageio is one brand that has manufactured a smart remote device that works with most current garage openers. After connecting to the WiFi network, you can control the garage door operation through the web-based dashboard, dedicated app or integrate it with your smart home app. Homeowners can receive real-time notifications about activity, close the door or grant access remotely.

The options described above have one clear disadvantage, however. They send the homeowner security alerts but don’t provide an extra locking mechanism for the door.

Smart Lock for Garage Doors

LiftMaster has launched a smart add-on lock for automatic garage doors. This specifically designed, heavy-duty deadbolt locks automatically when the door closes. It works together with the LiftMaster opener, ensuring that it locks and unlocks with a click from the remote. This smart deadbolt lock solution is unique in that it provides an extra level of security for homeowners.

More Garage Door Security Tips

1. If you park in the driveway or on the street, take your garage door remote with you when you exit the car. This will prevent a thief from gaining access to your home by breaking into the vehicle. Consider switching out your visor-clip remote for a keychain remote control.

2. For the door that leads from the garage into the house, invest in a door and hardware made from strong, high-quality materials.

3. If your garage has windows, sandblast or cover them to help deter thieves.

Get Smart Home Security Tips from the Pros

See our helpful guide on how to find the best smart lock device for your home or business and factors to keep in mind when choosing an access control system.

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