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Comparing Smart Locks: Which One is Best for You?

We know that for the average person, smartphones are common, but smart locks have not yet seen the same type of adaptation. We’ve seen just how much this technology can affect the world of locks though, even if it means having to rethink what a lock is and how it’s controlled. As you might imagine, like anything in technology, there are a lot of choices available with everyone trying to develop the next big thing. We’ll show you what to consider if you’re in the market for any of the smart lock family: deadbolts, keyless entry pads, bluetooth locks and doorbell and camera locks.

Smart Deadbolts

The concept of the smart deadbolt is pretty simple. You essentially have an electronic lock that can be controlled by an app on your phone through Bluetooth, which means less time dealing with fumbling for keys at the bottom of your purse or pocket. Open the app, touch the lock with your hand and open or close the door. The sound made when the door unlocks is fairly quiet, you can see who’s coming and going through the app, and you can give out ‘ekeys’ to your guests as long as they have a compatible phone with bluetooth. If your guests do not have the right smartphone, there are options available to have a regular key or key fob available at an additional cost as alternatives to the standard application.

Keyless Entry Pads

For those who would prefer not to go the smartphone route, keypads allow you to create different entry codes to access your house. Each person can get their own code, and they’re easy to activate and deactivate without everyone having to relearn a new set of numbers. You can track who’s coming and going, and lock the doors when you leave the house with just one touch.

Bluetooth Locks

These look like a padlock, but you don’t need to find a key to unlock them. When your phone is in the vicinity of the lock, you just have to touch it to open it. Just like with the above options, you can see who’s accessing what and share privileges with the people you trust. The app is easy to use, and is good for kids and adults alike.

Doorbell Cameras

If you’re suspicious when people ring your doorbell, you have a right to be. It’s the digital age, which means that the people you know will call when they’re going to stop by. It’s probably some type of solicitation, but it could very well be a criminal. When they don’t think you’re home is their window to strike. With a doorbell camera, you can see who’s outside your house with your phone, and talk to the people through your phone so that it appears you’re home. It also means that you have the means to call the police and potentially stop a thief or vandal in their tracks.

What’s Best for You?

Technology isn’t complicated once you get to know it. We’ll show you the ways that these locks can make it easier for you to feel safer and live more conveniently.

Smart Deadbolts

Typically these are recommended for homes that have very stable living situations. If you have a family who all has smartphones and regular guests who all have an affinity with technology, then this is probably a good choice for you. It may also be good for a small business, if there’s a steady employee base who all embrace this new way of getting their foot in the door.

Keyless Entry Pads

If you have a variety of different people who regularly need entry to your home (e.g., gardener, cook, parents, Airbnb guests, etc,) then you may not want to run down the instructions of how to download the app, use it, etc. With keyless entry pads, your guest just have to learn one code to get into the house, and that code can be easily disabled without disrupting anyone else in your network. This could also be good for small businesses that are consistently changing too.

Bluetooth Locks

This is probably best looked at the way you’d look at a standard padlock. If you have a storage facility where you’re constantly losing the keys because you simply don’t visit it often enough, then this is an excellent choice. If you have kids who are always forgetting the combination to their locker, then this lock will waste less time when they’re switching classes. Even old trunks or dresser drawers can stay locked through these smart locks controlled with your phone.

Doorbell and Camera Locks

Honestly, these are probably good for everyone, only because the world can be a potentially scary place. They’re especially handy for people who might be targets or live in a somewhat unstable area. They’re also good for small and medium businesses that need all the help they can get with security — though it should be noted that these are mainly designed for home use.

Understanding is your ticket to picking the right smart lock for you, if you decide that you’re tired of misplacing your keys or fumbling with trying to unlock the door with your arms full of groceries. No matter what you choose though, it’s a fun way to use technology in your everyday life. If you have additional questions about installation or set up, call Great Valley Lockshop at 610-644-5334 and let us know how we can help you today.

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