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Car Lockout

What to do After Locking Your Keys in the Car

You probably know the dreaded feeling that comes when you realize that you have accidentally locked your keys inside your car. It often happens at the least convenient moment, when you’re on vacation, on your way to a big meeting, or already running late. These days with transponder keys and increased car security, you may find it’s not so easy to unlock it yourself.

Find out what to do if you’ve locked the keys in the car or in case of a lockout emergency. Learn how advanced auto technology has made it more difficult to unlock your car without a key. Plus, we have provided some handy advice on how to prevent this frustrating accident from happening again in the future.

What to Do If You Lock Keys in the Car

If you find yourself standing on the outside of your car with your keys stuck inside, here are a few ways that you can try to unlock it.

  • If your car locks have electronic buttons on the edge of the window, you may be able to use a straightened coat hanger to unlock the car. First, create a small hook on one end of the coat hanger. Then, insert the hanger into the rubber on the top side of the window frame, between the rubber and the glass. Slowly insert the wire inside the car bending it as you go. Then, aim for the electronic button to unlock it.
  • Some vehicles allow the driver to gain access to the car through the trunk by moving the rear seats. If you can get into your trunk easily, this may be an alternative way to unlock your car.
  • Vehicles that have locks recessed into the inside of the door handle will require professional help from an emergency locksmith.

Emergency Situations

In non-emergency situations, most local police are no longer able to respond to car lockout calls and they often don’t want to risk damaging vehicles. In an emergency, police and locksmiths will prioritize your call to unlock the vehicle.

If a child or animal has been left in a car in hot weather, or someone is trapped in the vehicle, you should call the police immediately or break the window in case of emergency. Remember, it only takes one hour for temperatures to rise dangerous levels.

Newer Vehicles Have More Security

Unless you drive a much older vehicle, the days of using a wire hanger to unlock the doors are gone. New vehicles are designed to reduce the chance that someone could quickly unlock your car. Advanced security components are effective for anti-theft, but it means that a locksmith will need specialty tools to get into the car without causing damage.

Avoid do-it-yourself techniques. Attempting to unlock a car with a wire hanger, and other DIY techniques, can damage your vehicle and may not be covered by your insurance policy. Don’t risk damaging your car. A reputable locksmith can help you get the car unlocked quickly. Mobile locksmiths on call can assist you even after business hours and on holidays.

Preventing Another Lockout

If locking yourself out of your car is a regular occurrence for you, you might want to consider taking the following preventive measures:

  • Avoid locking your vehicle using the door handle locks. Get in the habit of locking the car from the outside or using the remote lock function on the key after exiting.
  • Hide an extra key somewhere on the exterior of the vehicle with a magnetic lockbox. Make sure to place it in an obscure area to prevent having your car burglarized.
  • Most new models come with electronic lock devices which are convenient to use, and which can help prevent you from locking your keys inside the vehicle. Consider upgrading to a transponder key, a car with a keypad, proximity device for keyless entry. This technology will ensure that you don’t lock your keys inside your car again.
  • Never give your keys to your children to play inside the car as you may get locked out of the car while your children remain inside.

Anyone who has been stranded outside their car with no way to gain access or get their keys know how embarrassing and inconvenient this experience can be. Yet, taking simple precautions can limit the possibility that you will need to call an emergency locksmith.

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