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What to do After Locking Your Keys in the Car

You’re late for a meeting, struggling to get your kids to school or standing outside of your car with arms full of groceries only to realize that you’ve locked your keys inside your car. It’s inevitable that many people will experience a similar scenario, always at the most inopportune time.  Whether or not you’ll be able to gain access into your car without the help of a professional local locksmith like Great Valley Lockshop  is dependent on the type of locks your car has. Here are some tips on how to avoid locking your keys in your car, and what to do if it should happen to you.

Tips to Gain Access to Your Car

If you find yourself standing on the outside of your car with your keys stuck inside, here are a few ways that you can try to gain access.

  • If your car locks have small buttons on the ledge of the window, you may be able to use a straightened coat hanger to unlock the car.  First create a small hook on one end of the coat hanger.  Then insert the hanger into the rubber surrounding the side window.  Once you feel the door button, carefully loop the hook around it and pull upwards.
  • Some vehicles allow the driver to gain access to the car through the trunk by moving the rear seats.  If you are able to get into your trunk easily, this may be an alternative way to unlock your car.  You may also want to hide an additional key in the trunk of your car.
  • Vehicles that have locks recessed into the inside of the door handle will require professional help from an emergency locksmith.
  • Often times, using a wire hanger or a screwdriver in attempts to gain access into your car can lead to further damage or injury, costing you more money in the long run.  It’s best to just call a professional locksmith as soon as you realize that you are locked out of your vehicle.

When to Call a Professional

Whether you have recessed lock buttons or you have simply given up on previous attempts to get into your locked car, it may be time to call in the professionals.  A reputable local locksmith is a great way to get the help you need quickly.   Let’s say that you’ve had the misfortune of locking yourself out of your vehicle at 2 a.m.  An emergency locksmith may be your best bet in this particular situation, as they are usually on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  Although you may pay more for calling the locksmith after hours, it is certainly worth the money to get back into your car and on your way.  Great Valley Lockshop in Malvern, PA is available for any lock emergency 24-7.

Preventing another Lockout

If locking yourself out of your car is a regular occurrence for you, you might want to consider the following:

  • Always hide an extra key somewhere on the exterior of the vehicle with a magnetic lockbox.  Make sure to place it in an obscure area to prevent having your car burglarized.
  • Most new models come with electronic lock devices which are convenient to use, and can help prevent you from locking your keys inside the vehicle.  If you ritualistically use the electronic lock to secure your car, you’ll never be able to actually lock your keys inside your car.  Avoid locking your vehicle using the door handle locks as this may get you into trouble.
  • Never give your keys to your children to play with in the car as you may get locked out of the car while your children remain inside.

Those people who have been stranded outside their cars with no way to gain access to the interior may refer to a local locksmith as a hero.  Taking simple precautions, however, will limit the number of times that you need to call an emergency locksmith.

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