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How To Repair Your Electronic Lock

We live in a modern era with many amazing inventions. Even locks have not been immune to technological advances. One of the most recent, cutting-edge locks available on the market is the electronic lock. Here’s what you need to know about electronic locks, as well as what to do with them when they break.

What Are Electronic Locks?

An electronic lock operates via an electric current, rather than a key. These locks are sometimes referred to as smart locks, and can be stand-alone units that are attached to just one lock, or connected to an access control system that operates all of the locks in a building. When an access control system is used, there is greater key control, as keys can easily be added to or removed from gaining access to the building simply by re-coding the access system. It does not require re-keying the entire building if you want to take away access from someone, and you don’t have to have new keys made at a key making shop to give access to someone new. You can also log the use of electronic locks, so you can keep track of who is using them, how often, and when.

Operating the lock can be as simple as swiping a key card through a swiper, or flipping a switch to release the lock. It can also be as complex as requiring a person’s pre-coded biometrics, such as a fingerprint, to activate the lock (either for locking or unlocking). It all depends on the level of security your building requires. Many secure military buildings, and other buildings where a high level of security is required, such as banks or factories that produce volatile materials that can be used as weapons, are using biometric coded electronic locks now. These appear to be the secure locks of the future.

Europe is a particular early adopter of electronic locks for businesses. Most European businesses have electronic locks now, with many of them having “day modes” and “night modes.” The day mode only requires that particular lock’s keying mechanism to open the latch. The night mode requires both the latch and the deadbolt to be opened to access a building, and the latch and deadbolt may or may not have the same keying mechanism (again, it all depends on the level of security needed in the building).

In Asia, particularly South Korea, electronic locks are being adopted at a high rate for residential use. While other countries are lagging behind in residential use of electronic locks, it is only a matter of time before most people will want the extra security and feeling of being well protected when in a building (or away from it) that this type of lock provides. It is the wave of the future in the world of locks, and the tide of its adoption all over the world is getting higher and higher all the time. Soon, electronic locks will probably be the standard type of lock for every building.

Electronic Lock Repair

Electronic Lock Repair Obviously, a lock that is this complex requires a skilled locksmith to install. The locksmith who installs an electronic lock will also have to be part electrician, as well. The rise in demand for electronic locks means that more locksmiths will be getting training in electrics at the beginnings of their careers, or will take continuing education to learn this skill. It will be vital to keeping up a relevant locksmithing business in the future, so getting the training now is an excellent idea, and many locksmiths are doing it. These aren’t just simple drill and screw locks, after all.

Like any other thing in the world, electronic locks are not infallible. They may break, especially if their electronic components are damaged in a storm or power surge. Things can go wrong with the lock itself, or with the access control system, if one is present. What do you do when you need electronic lock repair on your building? Unlike traditional locks, you aren’t likely to be able to break into your building by breaking or picking an electronic lock…especially one that uses biometrics to give you access to the building.

Like with electronic lock installation, you are going to need to call out a locksmith who is skilled and preferably experienced with this type of lock if yours experiences problems or breaks. Unless you know electric components very well (meaning you have had electrician training), you should not attempt to fix the lock yourself beyond flipping the lock’s breaker and seeing if that resets it. If it does not, you are going to require a professional to come out and fix it for you.
Look online for the closest electronic lock repair shop to you.

Not every locksmith is able to repair electronic locks, so you want to be sure you are calling someone who can actually help you. When your locksmith arrives, the fix may be a quick one, or it may take some time to get the lock back up and running. It may be that your system needs re-coding, parts need replacing, or that the whole system has to be replaced with a new one.
If you are locked out of your building and need to get back in right away, your locksmith will probably be able to help you with fashioning a temporary means of entrance. In the meantime, your locksmith will continue to work on your lock. It may be an all day job, so be prepared for that.

It also may be able to be repaired more quickly than either you or the locksmith estimated. Electronic locks are delicate, tricky things, so the time necessary to repair one will vary widely, depending on the skill of the locksmith, as well as what
the lock actually needs.electronic lock repair

Electronic locks are here to stay. If you haven’t encountered one yet, you almost certainly will at some point in the near future. If you get an electronic lock for your house or business, you can enjoy extra security and peace of mind. Just be sure you have a skilled electronic lock repair person’s number on hand to call if you need repairs done on your electronic lock. You will be glad you took the time to find someone who can fix it if you ever need electronic lock repair.

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