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Rental Access Control

The Benefits of Electronic Access Control for Property Owners

Security Measures for Apartment Complexes

According to crime statistics, renters are more often the victim of burglary and other crimes than homeowners. It has long been the trend that apartments are burglarized more often than single-family homes. So, what should property owners do to protect their business and clients?

A secure apartment building ensures the safety of families that rent on the property and reduces the likelihood of legal issues that may result from damage or injury. If you’re a landlord or property manager, you have many responsibilities, including taking measures to guarantee your tenants’ safety and the security of your property. Here is some advice on how to do that effectively.

Beefing Up Basic Security

Some of the most effective and straightforward security options for property owners are high-quality locks and reinforced door frames.

Get more advice on how to Increase Security at Your Commercial Building.

Changing Tenets, Changing Locks

New tenants are quick to ask their new landlord to replace all locks. For a property manager, however, changing locks can be quite expensive given the frequent change in tenants and can make it challenging to keep track of keys. Changing the locks should not be used as a way to evict tenants, but it is a solid security measure to change them when the apartment changes hands.

Changing locks between tenants isn’t required of property managers, but is recommended. Even though previous tenants are required to hand over their keys, it doesn’t mean that they haven’t made other copies. There’s also the possibility that the previous tenant damaged the lock. By changing the locks or rekeying them, you ensure greater security for the new occupants. Rekeying is a quick process, in which the locksmith removes the lock and modifies the pin combination in the lock cylinder so that it functions with a new key.

Modern access control systems increase efficiency overall, ease the management process, and can alleviate the problem of changing locks or rekeying, while streamlining access to common areas on the property and increasing overall security.

Advantages of Access Control for Apartment Buildings

If you own or manage a multi-family property or oversee one or more single-family properties, maintaining security is likely a key concern. However, eliminating the need for keys entirely with an electronic access control system can actually be a simple solution for this ‘key’ issue and several others that landlords and property managers routinely face.

Duplication of Access Cards is Difficult

Duplicating traditional metal keys is simple, but making unauthorized duplicates of proximity credentials, including access cards and fobs, is extremely difficult. For this reason, replacing physical keyed entries with an electronic access system throughout the property immediately improves security. Residents will enjoy greater peace of mind, and landlords or management can take immediate action at any time to grant or revoke card access in situations of tenant or staff changes without the need to re-key multiple locks.

Eliminate the Need for Lock Changes

Changing locks every time a tenant loses their entry key gets costly fast. Not only is a new lock required, but someone’s going to have to pay someone to install it. This can be especially cumbersome if a staff member loses a set of keys that can require re-keying dozens of doors. This also can give a miscreant access to secure areas about the property, making it’s a serious breach of security that can present major risks for management, owners, and residents alike.

Electronic access software means that you’ll rarely find the need to change onsite locks due to key issues. Anytime a key card is misplaced, it’s access permissions can be canceled through the system’s database and a new card can be issued immediately. As an additional benefit to property managers, it’s easy to change or terminate an individual’s entry permissions, such as dismissed staff or evicted tenants. Permission changes can be effective immediately or can be programmed to end on a certain date.

Keep Track of Traffic

Electronic access systems keep a log documenting the time a specific card is utilized to enter and exit a space such as entry gates of the residential complex, parking garages, the management office, and other common areas on the property. This can be a huge asset in identifying and apprehending responsible parties in situations where vandalism or theft has occurred.

One ‘Key’ Can Do It All

Residents can use one card that allows them to gain entry into their private unit that also them access to shared areas such as pools or fitness rooms amid multi-family properties. The same card can also be utilized by property managers to gather data concerning the usage of amenities like laundry facilities that may incur surcharges to residents. Staff members entering and exiting areas for employees only can use a single key that is programed to let them inside every door they have permission to enter and can even be set to allow access during specific hours.

Allow Entry for Contractors and Staff Remotely

Another feature of electronic access control is that property managers or landlords can use a system that is integrated with security cameras to provide remote access to individuals such as contractors, housekeepers, and members of the staff. This means that you don’t have to leave a key behind or wait until they arrive so that they can get work done.

Want to Increase Security and Have Greater Flexibility on Your Property?

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