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A Comprehensive Guide to Fire Door Inspection Certification

Fire doors are protective doors that NFPA-80 requires to be installed in buildings, which aims to compartmentalize fire in case it happens. However, since not all fire doors provide the proper protection expected of them, significant changes have been introduced to the standard. One of these changes is to have fire doors inspected annually.

Building owners or managers have the responsibility to hire a certified fire door inspector who will conduct the inspection every year. A certified door inspector is a person who has been given a fire door inspection certification after having completed training and demonstrated proficiency in inspecting fire doors. Certified inspectors play a vital role in verifying compliance with fire doors to bolster the overall fire safety of a building. 

What Is a Fire Door Inspection Certification?

A fire door certification serves as a supporting document for a person’s ability to conduct a fire door inspection. This means that the person knows how to conduct fire door safety inspections. It can serve as an edge for fire door inspectors because most building owners would look for this.

Who Is A Fire Door Inspector?

A fire door inspector is a trained professional who knows how to evaluate the condition, functionality, and compliance of fire doors installed in buildings. The NFPA 80 does specifically require building owners to hire a certified fire door inspector. The standard only requires a qualified person to perform the test and inspection. The following are the qualifications of a fire door inspector:

  • Must have a recognized degree
  • Must hold a certificate of fire door inspection
  • Have professional standing
  • Have skills and knowledge about fire door safety and inspection
  • Must undergo training in inspecting and testing fire doors
  • Must have relevant experience
  • Ability to deal with the work or project

Fire Door Certification Requirements

Certification requirements for fire door inspectors vary depending on the organization offering the course. Generally, an individual seeking certification will have to complete a training program, which can include theoretical training and practical hands-on experience. Some certifications will require passing an examination to demonstrate knowledge. You can also get an online fire door inspection certification, which is faster and more convenient.

Cost Of Fire Door Certification

The cost of fire door inspection certification can vary based on a variety of factors such as your location and the scope of the program. The location of the training and training provider will also matter in the cost. In general, the cost can range from a few to several hundred dollars. Moreover, NFPA 80 now requires ongoing fire door inspection certification training to keep abreast with the evolving standards, which will add up to the cost.

What to expect from the fire door inspection certification process?

During the certification process, participants can expect to review the fire door components and study relevant codes and standards pertaining to fire door safety. You will also learn inspection techniques and reporting procedures. Once you’ve gained theoretical knowledge and training, you will undergo hands-on training involving real buildings. This part of the training will also be recorded and added to your overall experience. After completing the program, individuals will have to pass an exam to demonstrate their understanding of fire door inspection and receive the certification.

How to choose a company for fire door inspection certification? 

When choosing a company for fire door inspection certification, make sure to consider factors such as reputation and scope of training. It is always wise to select a company that offers reliable training and expert instructors, and whether the certification is recognized in the industry. The following are some reputable companies in the U.S. that you can check out.

DHI (Door and Hardware Institute): This organization offers the Certified Fire Door Inspector (CFDI) program for individuals who want to train and become qualified fire door inspectors. 

 NFPA (National Fire Protection Association): This is the official resource for people who want to have access to resources for fire door inspection through its NFPA 80 standards.

Intertek: This is another company that offers online certification for fire door inspection through an IQP Program. If you’ve met all the pre-requisite and educational requirements, you can complete the DHI’s DAI 600 course that the company offers and then sign up for the IQP program to receive a certification.

How To Get Fire Door Inspection Certification?

Getting a fire door inspection certification has become a lot easier nowadays. Several companies now offer fire door inspection certification, including the ones we have listed above. The following are also some tips you can follow.

  • Research Certification Programs: Research for a recognized certification program for fire door inspection such as DHI and the NFPA. Make sure that you select a program that is accredited and recognized in the industry.
  • Training and Education: Join training courses that cover the technical aspects of fire doors safety, relevant regulations such as the NFPA 80, and inspection procedures. There are programs that offer online courses, which will be convenient if you want to train remotely.
  • Work Experience: Have experience working under the supervision of a certified fire door inspector. This will give you an edge over other fire door inspectors.
  • Studying: As a fire door inspector aspirant, you should study theories and other recommended resources to enrich your knowledge and prepare for the certification exam. Make sure to get some tips from superiors and look through past examinations to gauge your expectation.
  • Examination: Take the examination and gain a passing score. The exam will test your aptitude and ability to conduct actual fire safety inspections. When you pass, you can get certification by submitting an application for certification to the relevant certification organization.
  • Issuance of Certification: Once you’ve been verified to have completed all the training and passed the exam, the organization’s board will approve your application and provide your certification.
  • Continuing Education: The NFPA 80 now requires fire door inspectors to keep their knowledge and skills up to date. As a fire door inspector, you must attend relevant seminars, workshops, and complete refresher courses.

Way to go! Getting a fire door certification inspection can be challenging. Coupling your efforts with passion and determination will definitely help you achieve success. Moreover, the quality of fire doors in commercial buildings is vital for ensuring safety and compliance with NFPA 80. 

While GV Lock may not offer certification services, our team plays a pivotal role in providing reliable and high-quality fire doors that pass NFPA 80 standards. If you want to enhance fire safety in your building feel free to give us a call or contact us to get a free quote.

FAQS About Fire Door Inspection

How do I get my fire door certified?

To get your fire door certified you need to make sure they meet relevant standards, particularly the NFPA 80. You can hire certified or qualified fire door inspectors to evaluate your door’s compliance and receive a fire door test certificate. This confirms that you’ve passed the test and that all your fire doors are compliant with the standard.

What is a fire door test certificate?

A fire door test certificate is an official document that confirms your compliance with NFPA 80. It is issued by fire door inspectors after conducting the necessary testing and inspection of your fire doors.

A fire door test certificate is an official document that confirms a fire door’s compliance with safety standards and regulations. It is issued after the door has undergone testing and inspection to ensure it can effectively contain flames and smoke during a fire, contributing to the overall safety of the building.

Do fire doors need to be certified?

Yes, fire doors need to be certified to ensure they are functional and compliant with NFPA 80. When your fire doors are certified, it means that they have passed the quality testing and inspection usually done by a qualified fire door inspector. Building occupants will also have peace of mind knowing that they will have more time to evacuate safely during emergencies.

What is the NFPA 80 fire door inspection checklist?

The NFPA 80 fire door inspection checklist is a comprehensive list of items that fire door inspectors will go through when inspecting your fire doors. Feel free to check our fire door inspection checklist to learn more about the inclusions.

Why is a fire door inspection important?

Fire door inspection is vital in ensuring that your fire doors are working properly. Without an annual inspection, you may never know whether some of your fire doors have suffered damage due to wear and tear.

What is the purpose of the fire safety certificate?

 A fire safety certificate proves that you have complied with fire door inspection requirements. It verifies that a building is designed and constructed with reliable fire protection systems, which consequently increases the trust of fire door occupants.


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