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Are Smart Locks More Secure than Regular Locks?

Security is one of the most significant concerns of homeowners these days. More and more homeowners are adopting smart lock technology for the assurance of having recorded entry data and the convenience of remote management. Yet, many are still left wondering about the level of security provided by these devices.

Are smart locks more secure than regular locks? Or are traditional door locks better at protecting your home, valuables, and family? These are crucial questions at a time when home invasions and burglaries are on the rise in many Pennsylvania communities.

Let’s compare smart locks and traditional locks to find out which are more secure. We also want to discuss some of the other advantages are of choosing one type of hardware over the other.

Traditional Door Locks

These are a locksmith’s bread and butter. For centuries, traditional door locks have been the cornerstone of residential security. Today, there is a wide range of locks available to homeowners that provide varying degrees of security.

The term ‘traditional locks’ has only been used since the advent of electronic locks. In this context, it refers to residential exterior door locks, namely classic cylinder locks and deadbolt locking mechanisms. In addition to being used for home security, these types of keyed locks may also installed for light commercial applications. They have no electronic or automatic functions, this hardware is manually operated. The mechanical function which locks and unlocks the door is activated either by using a traditional key or by turning a thumb lock or engaging a push-button lock.

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Smart Door Locks

Homeowners can find both factory smart locks and smart devices that can be used to retrofit their traditional locks on the market today. This technology is appreciated for the convenient advantages it provides. Namely, smart door locks enable keyless entry and make it possible to lock and unlock exterior doors remotely from a mobile app or computer. This is a handy feature when you or another family member are locked out. It can sync with a smart doorbell or smart home system and be used to let in guests, cleaners and repair workers, or allow in-home package delivery. Many versions also track real-time entry data and traffic through the door.

Are smart locks safe? Absolutely, but like any product, some brands and models offer higher levels of security.

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Are Smart Locks or Traditional Locks Safer?

This is the most important question that homeowners should ask when deciding what type of hardware to install. The answer is that the security of both smart locks and traditional locks depends on the strength of the door, frame, and the actual locking mechanism.

Whether you install an advanced smart lock or a high-security lock on a flimsy front door or a door that is improperly secured to house structure, it is equally vulnerable. Likewise, an armored door can’t guarantee protection if it’s secured with a low-grade traditional lock or smart lock.

The vast majority of smart lock models are designed to be retrofitted onto your existing deadbolt. This means that there is no real difference between smart locks and traditional locks in terms of physical security. For that reason, the only way to judge the level of physical security it provides against picking or forced entry is to evaluate the strength of the deadbolt and lock body.

There is one other important security issue, however, which should not be ignored. Smart locks must connect to a network – either Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or Z-Wave – in order to be operated remotely. Recently, there have been cases of hackers targeting homes and overcoming smart locks and various security failures which have left residences vulnerable to criminal activity.

Traditional locks have been proven to be highly secure at protecting homes. Until recently, they were the primary safeguard against burglary and home invasions. It’s important to note, however, that homeowners can take some measures which help ensure the level of protection provided by their locks. It’s necessary to be vigilant about locking doors and throwing deadbolts at night and during the daytime. We also recommend taking steps to reinforce the door frame and strike plate. Replacing low-quality locks with models that have a longer latch or bolt which extends further into the door frame and adding an extra deadbolt are other good ways to boost security.

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