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Electronic Access Control

Security and Beyond: The Business Benefits of Electronic Access Control

It’s not unusual for small to medium business owners to consider electronic access control systems as a perk that only big companies have uses—or the budget—to consider the investment worthwhile. However, electronic access control systems are even utilized within many modern homes. With this in mind, it makes that these innovative measures are ideal for businesses of any size seeking to increase efficiency, save money, reduce time expelled, improve security and track cost with ease.

Increase Profits with Electronic Access for Businesses

It’s all about the bottom line in business, and what seems like ‘small expenses’ like material printing, distributing mandatory work supplies fluently and cash handling, electronic access systems can reduce overhead costs tremendously. For example let’s consider the streamlined process of making copies at a local business. Copy shops with electronic access systems can provide employees with a fob or keycard that collects related data concerning how many copies are made, their type and the associated costs.

Customers then return the card to the desk and pay their bill, but with this system each use of the printer is recorded which allows department heads or owners to see ‘who’s doing what, where and for what business purpose.’ The same process can be applied for multiple purposes across multiple departments such as allowing individuals to checkout tools, claim uniforms, or use the vending or cafeteria area with ease and without the need for cash. All of these processes are documented without paper records that can be wrongly entered or additional staff to handle manual information entry.

Efficient Employee Payroll

Another way to save money and valuable time (in more ways than one) with access control installations is that they are compatible with payroll programs that eliminate the need for manual date entry of timecards. This means greater accuracy and prevents other employees from clocking one another in and out as a favor—favors that can cost you money and conceal the habits of tardy or delinquent staff. Access cards automatically log when employees arrive and leave the workplace, even for lunch breaks. This equates to less payroll time spent processing other employee’s payroll, it minimizes room for error and creates a greater sense of urgency for staff to arrive timely.

Boost Your Company’s Sustainability

More consumers are becoming more conscientious about spending their money and doing business with companies who foster sustainable practices. Modern cyber-controlled electronic access systems offer energy-saving control over many of the electrically operated aspects of a building such as lighting and air conditioning—two major business expenses.

Reducing energy use minimizes your company’s contribution towards rising carbon emissions associated with global warming and other environmental concerns in a number of ways. Lights can be programmed to operate at only certain hours of the day, and certain access control systems can sense when rooms are vacant or occupied and turn unnecessary ones off automatically. Configuration options are limitless concerning how these systems can reduce your energy use figures.

Enjoy Advanced Security

Electronic access control originated as a concept to improve security measures and has expounded into a cost-effect way to control countless structural features. Issuing card keys to monitor what areas employees are accessing and electronically noting what time they arrive and leave certain areas instills a tremendous sense of security—especially when backed up with video surveillance. You can also use electronic security systems eliminate one’s access permanently in cases of termination without the need to reissue cards for the entire staff. You can use the system to allow for specific entry points to only certain personnel or clients during set hours to streamline several aspects of daily business activities.

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