Sliding Glass Door Security

6 Ways to Protect & Secure a Sliding Glass Door

If only there were such thing as a burglar-proof sliding glass door. But alas, that beautiful sliding glass door that you love because it lets in natural light can also be a big welcome sign for burglars. Why is that?

Why Sliding Glass Doors are a Security Pitfall:

  • They are often unlocked
  • They advertise what’s in your home
  • They are made of tempered glass
  • Their locks are easily pick-able
  • They are often in your backyard, out of common view

Are you discouraged from buying that sliding glass door you’ve been dreaming of, now? We hope not. Let’s be real for a moment. Life is full of risk. Does that mean you should stay holed up inside and install large, steel doors throughout your house? We don’t think so!

The best way to mitigate risk is to acknowledge it, accept the potential for it, and prepare yourself for it with the help of a trusted partner, such as Great Valley Lockshop. If you really want that sliding door, then get it! We’ll help you address the security concerns that come along with the purchase.

How Burglars Break in Through Your Sliding Glass Door

Before we get into how to secure your sliding glass door, we need to address how burglars may get in in the first place.

Bypassing the Lock

As we briefly mentioned above, the locks on most sliding glass doors are really just latches. Is that all that you want standing between a burglar and your possessions? This video of a homeowner unlocking his own sliding door is a great demonstration of the unreliability of these locks.

Lifting the Door Out of Its Frame

Using a crowbar, it’s possible for a burglar to literally lift up a sliding door, move it off of the tracks and out of the way. How is that possible? How do you think the door was put into the frame when it was made? The burglar is simply reverse engineering the installation process.

Breaking the Glass

Finally, if someone is desperate enough, they may just simply break through the glass. But don’t worry, your door is made of tempered glass, so the burglar won’t get hurt! (Can you sense our sarcasm?)

Reinforcing & Securing Your Sliding Glass Door

So, again, what can you do, as a homeowner, to reinforce that beautiful sliding glass door? We’ll let you in on our top 8 ways to secure a glass door.

Security Bars

You can buy strong metal bars that fold into place and brace against the door to lock it into place. You can also cut a dowel or piece of wood to place in the door track when it’s closed.

Double Bolt Locks

In addition to traditional sliding door locks, there are also double bolt locks. One piece attaches to the door frame; the other piece attaches to the sliding door. When shut, the piece on the frame nests inside the piece on the door. Metal bolts then slide into the door frame piece, securing your door.

Door Sensors

This is not a substitute for a secure door, but sensors attached to an alarm may help scare off a burglar.

Impact-Resistant Sliding Door

“Hurricane-proof” sliding doors are going to significantly increase your investment, but they can’t easily be broken.

Window Film

Security window film is a thin sheet used as a protective layer that makes glass more difficult to break through. It won’t make your door unbreakable, but it can make it a bit more difficult.

Glass-Break Detectors

Very similar to a door sensor, glass-break detectors will sound when glass is broken. Again, just the alarm sounding afterward may be enough to ward of a burglar.

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Our Final Opinion

So, now that you have all of the facts, are you still likely to choose a sliding glass door? We hope so! Sliding glass doors can be a beautiful addition to any home; they let the light in, they make outdoor living in the summer time easy, and they add a fresh atmosphere to many rooms. The security weaknesses that they possess can easily be maintained with a good combination of DIY security efforts and the assistance of a professional. For help with securing your sliding glass door, contact Great Valley Lockshop today be calling (610) 644-5334 or contacting us online.

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