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Gun Safe

The Pros and Cons of New and Used Gun Safes

Whether you keep firearms on hand for protection or sporting purposes, you need to have a responsible way of storing them while keeping them accessible in times of need. Amid homeowners, keeping weapons out of the hands of children is a growing concern. Among this populous, approximately 89 percent of unintentional fatal shootings involve youngsters playing with unsecured guns in the home.

However, you also don’t want your guns to fall into the wrong hands when it comes to burglars who may turn the weapon on you or your family or even use it for a future crime. With this in mind, you’ll want to buy a reliable safe to store your guns, which brings forth the question of whether you should invest in a new gun safe or save some cash by buying a used one. Here’s a checklist of the pros and cons of each from our experienced locksmiths and safe installation professionals at Great Valley Lockshop.

The Benefits of Buying a Brand New Safe

So, let’s just be honest about the greatest appeal of buying a new safe for your guns and valuables. A new safe arrives in mint condition and free of any damage or tampering and simply looks nicer in your home or commercial business space. Furthermore, the pros of buying a new safe include:

Latest Security Features

Having the latest security and accessibility features such as electronic safe locks or biometric options.

Multiple Codes

The ability to set multiple codes for various users and determine time windows that your safe can be opened.


Customizable options to suit your home or business needs, including options for professional installation to ensure the security of your unit.

No Unexpected Maintenance

A new safe won’t require maintenance or repairs for quite a while, and in cases where it does, you will have the comfort of knowing that you have a warranty to rely upon.

The Potential Cons of Purchasing a New Safe

The biggest drawback of buying a new safe is up-front costs, so this is where you want to consider your specific needs concerning how much protection you need and what features you want. Here are some possible cons of purchasing brand new.

Increased Insurance Costs

The newer the safe, the more costly your home or business insurance costs for replacement purposes will be. Also, because gun safes can be costly, you might be considering financing the purchase, will may cause you to have to pay premium rates until you’ve paid it off.

Customized Options

While customized features can be considered a pro for buying new, perhaps you don’t need all of the features that are almost standard with newer safes. For example, if you just love the tried-and-true combination lock or just want a keypad safe, you might end up paying extra for features that you won’t use.

Value Depreciation

Ultimately, your safe will age and be ‘used’ in time, putting you back in the place of determining a new replacement or sticking with what you have.

Considering Buying a Used Safe? 5 Reasons it Could be a Wise Investment

Now that we’ve covered the benefits on new gun safe installations, let explore the pros of going used.

Saving Up-Front Money

Keeping your hard-earned cash on hand can be a bonus, but you’ll want to make sure that you’re buying a well-maintained and serviced safe from a previous owner.

Avoid Depreciation

If you’ve ever bought a new car, you might have heard that the minute you drive it off the lot that it depreciates in value by around 20 percent. This is also true for safes, so consider how long-term you will need one to help determine your level of investment.

Reduced Insurance Costs

You’ll be able to insure a new safe and it’s contents for less than a new purchase will require.

Warranty Considerations

Depending on the age of the used safe you’re buying, there might still be a certain warranty period still valid, and many manufacturers or sellers offer extended warranties at an added cost.


Used safes have clearly served their function for the previous owners, so it’s been time and tested approved.

Drawbacks of Purchasing Used Safes

For starters, there are typically no returns when you buy a used safe, so if it becomes clear that you didn’t make the best choice, you’ll be stuck with it or have to consider reselling it yourself—which may come at a loss. Older safes may have been tampered with, previously broken into or altered in ways that the seller doesn’t disclose, so you may want a professional locksmith to investigate a used safe’s condition before cementing the purchase. Of course, you also want to consider the warranty situation and ask any questions directly to the seller before laying down your dollars on a used safe.

Need a Professional Opinion Before Buying a Gun Safe?

Whether you go with new or used safes to protect your weapons or valuables, you can rely on the professional safe installation and locksmith experts at Great Valley Lockshop. We service communities within 80 miles of West Chester, PA and can help you determine your gun safety needs along with providing expert safe installation services.

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