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A house fire is a tragedy that can strike day or night, any time of year. Families everywhere need to make fire safety a year round habit in order to avoid the costly and tragic impact of this household disaster. Adequate preparation will help prevent the loss of property and the loss of life; a fire safe rated to resist high heat will help prevent the loss of irreplaceable items. Make sure that your fire prevention measures are protecting you whether you are at home or not by calling us to discuss installing a fire safe in your home.

A House Fire is a Year-Round Concern

House fires are frequently caused by stray fireworks lit during Fourth of July celebrations and other summer holidays. Hot, dry seasonal weather increases the risk of wildfire during the hottest summer months. Though these two particular sources of house fires are not present all year long, there are many other common causes of house fires that are an on-going threat. Realizing that house fires can strike at any time is the first step towards taking appropriate fire prevention measures.
There are a few areas of the house that are especially vulnerable to fire:
• Kitchen – The kitchen is often the site where a house fire begins. Stoves, ovens, toasters, small ovens, coffeemakers, and other heat-generating appliances all have the potential to cause fires. Grease fires can ignite in pots and pans left unattended on the stovetop. Gas burners not turned completely off can ignite nearby cloth and paper. Even the heat rising from a simple toaster should be cause for concern.
• Bedroom – Candles, incense, electric blankets, heating pads, and electric candle warmers are frequently found in bedrooms; any of these can be the site of a fire or heat-related damage. Incense left to smolder will drop hot ash onto combustible surfaces. Lit candles are one of the most common causes of house fires; even monitored, a candle can scorch or ignite nearby material.
• Living room – Fireplaces and wood burning stoves can ignite material that is placed too near. Stray sparks from a fireplace can land on curtains, carpet, and even clothing. Ash and cigarette butts not properly disposed of can start a slow burn out of sight.
• Porch and patio – Commercial fire pits, lit torches, and even electric lights can cause a house to catch fire. Improper wiring or an overloaded circuit has the potential to ignite an electrical fire, which can quickly spread throughout the property.
Your kitchen, bedroom, living room, and outdoor spaces are used throughout the year with little variation. Common habits can put your home at risk, even when homeowners exercise caution.

Household Fire Safety

Safety of family members and pets should be your first priority. After devising an evacuation plan and sharing it with all members of your household, think about ways to protect your most important possessions. A solid homeowner’s insurance policy will help you replace consumer goods that are lost to fire, smoke, or heat damage but what about those items that cannot be easily replaced? Valuables such as birth certificates, savings bonds, passports, and other vital papers have to be stored in a fire safe that will withstand the heat until you can return to collect it.

Fire safes are built to be resistant to heat and burning. Each fire safe has been rated by the manufacturer to resist heat up to a certain temperature and for a particular duration of time. You can compare models to see which is most appropriate for your household. We, at Great Valley Lockshop can give you some helpful guidance when it comes time to select your new fire safe.

Fire safes are a wise investment that every homeowner should think seriously about making. Even people who rent their home should purchase one of these useful items. The things contained within a heat resistant safe will help you rebuild your life should you ever experience the tragedy of a household fire.

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