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The Advantage of High-Security Door Locks for Your Business

Every business needs to be secure, but there are many things that make access control at your business different from your home. If you’re still relying on standard door locks and deadbolts to keep your business safe, you should know about the options available today for commercial buildings to get high-security locks.

What are High-Security Locks?

You may have heard about all the high-tech systems available that provide key cards, fingerprint access, and other key-less entry, but if you just have a small business, sometimes these systems are just not feasible for you financially, and they don’t make sense for your business size or type. At the same time, you want to protect your business from being burglarized or otherwise damaged, so getting locks that offer added security, with a cylinder that offers advanced resistance to picking, bumping,  and other forcible entry means you can rest easier knowing your business is safe.

The Dangers of Traditional Locks

Traditional locks can keep people from simply walking through your front door, but if you have someone who really wants to gain entry into your business, such as a burglar, a regular deadbolt or door lock probably won’t stop them. Here are some of the most common threats you face with traditional locks:

  • Key “bumping” and lock picking – there are websites today that offer “bump key” sets for relatively cheap, and these keys allow burglars to gain entry into virtually any standard lock without leaving evidence that you were ever broken into. In addition, thieves are skilled at picking regular locks in a matter of just a few seconds.
  • Unauthorized key duplication – there are literally dozens of times every day that your keys are vulnerable to unauthorized copying, with several lock services, hardware stores, and more that all have the ability to make copies of your keys. When you leave them on your desk while out of the office, hand them to a valet attendant, or lend them to your neighbor to borrow a few tools, someone could be making an unauthorized copy.
  • Forced entry – when all else fails, thieves may just resort to breaking the lock, drilling, hammering, or sawing it to remove it.

How High-Security Locks Protect You

Great Valley Lockshop can help you protect your business with a high-security lock. These locks come with several different features that protect you from the most common dangers that traditional locks present.

First, they come with independent locking mechanisms that are operated by a single key that makes them virtually impossible to pick, and impenetrable by “bump keys” that are sold to would-be burglars. Some also have protections in place to prevent unauthorized duplication, ensure you are the only one who can authorize a copy to be made. In addition, they have special features such as solid steel door frames and bolts made of hardened steel alloys that prevent forced entry from common methods like hammering, wrenching, prying, or sawing.

As a small business owner, you want to protect your business and control who has access. With the right high-security locks, and a good commercial locksmith, you can get simple overall access control with locks that resist forced entry and help keep your business secure. You can rest easy knowing that your business will be better protected.

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