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Alleviating College Campus Concerns with Keyless Entry Locks

Administrators at college campuses are quickly realizing the benefits of having a secure and streamlined entry system throughout their dorms, classrooms, supply closets and athletic facilities. Locks that require the use of traditional keys are falling out of fashion as quickly as those keys tend to fall out of pockets. In these modern times, there is no better way to ensure the safety and protection of students, staff members, administrators and valuable equipment than by employing the use of innovative keyless entry locks.

Keyless locking systems eliminate the need to continually replace keys every time one is lost. Not only are key replacements costly, but you must also consider the expense of paying a staff member for handling these tasks. When you consider that the door lock itself must typically also be replaced for security purposes, this process becomes even more costly. For these reasons and many others, college campus administrators are opting for a more effective method of securing doors with the addition of modern keyless door locks and entry systems.

Why You Need to Kick Keys to the Curb

With hundreds of doors that require security on a college campus, relying on traditional keyed locks is simply ineffective when it comes to protecting people, records, kitchen areas, office equipment, sporting gear and other valuables that are common in educational facilities. Just one missing key can create a huge security issue that could put lives in danger and cause great concern among staff and students. Keyless entry locks let you be in control at all times concerning who has access.

Let’s assume that a prized master key is lost and a security breach occurs. Whether a student is harmed or an area of the campus is burglarized, it can create a bit of media stir and talk amid staff and students. Rather than face traumatized victims or safe face from being robbed with a less than sympathetic press, go keyless and prevent a reputation crisis. You will never have to deal with the cost of key replacements again with keyless locks, which allow for code changes in just minutes. If you’re considering updating your campus’ locking systems, read on for tips on choosing one that will meet your security needs.

6 Key Considerations When Choosing Keyless Entry Systems

The first thing you need to consider before delving into locking systems is the type of material that your doors are made of. Are they made of wood, particle board, aluminum, glass and are they solid or hollow? From there, you will want to determine whether you prefer card access systems or coded dial pad entry locks. Of course, during your consultation with one of our locksmith professionals, we can offer you advice concerning the best keyless entry solutions for you. Meanwhile, give these questions some thought so we can address your needs to your fullest satisfaction—and safety.

1. Do you want both keyed and keyless entry?

Our Great Valley Lockshop technicians can install combination locks that allow certain staff members quick access to multiple areas without the need to memorize multiple codes.

2. How often is access required?

You will want more robust locks on frequently used doors.

3. Will you need access from both sides of the door?

Back-to-back locking devices allow you to have a highly secured, restricted environment.

4. Do you want automatically locking doors?

Digital locks with spring loaded latches maintain safety in case someone forgets to manually lock the door.

5. Would you like a hold open facility?

This allows you to keep access open to classrooms, labs, gymnasiums and other areas that may have free access during certain times. However, these locks will restrict access according to your specified schedule.

6. Do You Want a Lock-out Feature?

Tamper proof your doors with the added security of an electronic lock that automatically shuts down after three failed attempts to hack the door code.

With so many features, options and benefits of keyless locks, there’s no reason to not consider ramping up security on your college campus before the next semester starts. An added benefit of having keyless entry systems professional installed, is that your institution can qualify for insurance discounts due to their superior protection.

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