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Keyless Entry

Keyless Entry: What You Need to Know About Safety, Security

Keyless entry is trending these days for both homes and businesses for several key reasons. For starters, it’s a lot easier to control access to the respective property, as codes can be distributed accordingly with that permit entry. Secondly, and arguably just as important, is the convenience factor of keyless locks. With such a locking system, home and business owners will never have to worry about making spare keys or pondering just how many copies of the key are out there. For these two reasons, keyless locks have become increasingly popular in recent years.

However, despite the enhanced security that keyless locks offer over conventional locks, that doesn’t mean that they don’t need to be taken care of and maintained to ensure that property is kept safe. On that note, if you’re considering, or already have, keyless locks installed on your property, we thought it would be fitting to take a look at some tips and suggestions you can implement to maximize the safety and security of the system:

Tips for Ensuring a Safe Keyless Entry System

Change the code at least twice a year: It seems like in today’s society you need a password for everything. While it can by annoying keeping track of various passwords and passcodes, it’s also imperative to switch up these codes at certain times to maximize safety. Keyless locks are no exception. In fact, most experts recommend changing the passcode on the locks at least twice a year.

Max out the digits: The best passwords or passcodes are typically the ones that have the most digits. When it comes to keyless locks, most manufacturers allow users to set a passcode that’s as little as four digits and as many as eight. We always recommend going with the maximum number of digits allowed, even if it may be a tad harder to remember and take a tad longer to enter. Why? Because it’s generally much more difficult for a thief to hack an eight-digit code than a four-digit one.

Don’t get personal: This should go without saying, but don’t select a widely known series of numbers for your access code. For example, while it’s easy to remember your address, don’t use that as your door lock code – it’s just way too obvious and likely the first thing that a thief is going to punch in when trying to access your property without forced entry. Stay away from the likes of zip codes, birthdates, phone numbers, etc. Instead, try coming up with a unique access code each time you change its settings.

Don’t record your passcode: We use so many passwords and passcodes today, so it can be natural to store them all in a computer file, on your phone or on a note card that you keep in your purse or briefcase for fast reference. Don’t do this! If you don’t think you’ll be able to remember your lock passcode off the top of your head, write down clues somewhere that will trigger the passcode from memory. Recording your passcode in a place where someone could easily access it (should they know where to look) can be very dangerous to your property’s security.

Divvy up the codes: Most keyless lock systems allow you to set multiple access codes for different people. For instance, a business owner may assign his employees individual passcodes, which we recommend. That’s because, in such a situation, should the employee be terminated or should the employee leave for another opportunity, the owner will just have to delete one code from the system rather than adjust the master passcode or various passcodes. This tip can prove handy for homes as well, especially after breakups, divorces or other instances where someone who previously lived on a property is unwillingly is forced to leave.

Keyless entry is the big thing right now in home and office security, but its features are no good if the system isn’t being properly cared for to maximize security. For more information on the benefits of keyless locks and to learn more about how to ensure they’re able to best keep properties safe, call Great Valley Lockshop at 610-644-5334 for a free estimate or with your questions.

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