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Replace and Preserve Doors with Door Wraps

Daily use, bad weather, improper care, or vandalism may damage doors. Replacing a door often appears easier than it really is. Many DIY types and even less-experienced professionals find the job of hanging a new door more expensive and labor intensive than they anticipated at first. The task requires handling a heavy door, replacing locks, and in some cases, replacing lock holes, siding, door stops, and other fixtures. Often, it’s hard to tell what the job will entail until the old door has already been removed. Instead of replacing the door, a door wrap might offer you a way to restore functionality, security, and appearance to a damaged door.

What Are Door Wraps?

Door wraps refer to a specific kind of locksmith accessory that can repair and restore a damaged or worn door. Some people also install door wraps to prevent future damage or improve security. Though manufacturers usually make these handy door accessories out of stainless steel, they may come with a variety of finishes that can make them look like an integrated part of the decor and not just an afterthought. Examples might include facades that mimic other kinds of metal or even wood. While a door wrap mainly serves a useful function, it can also be a decorative fixture.

Besides just varying by appearance, they also come in different thicknesses and accommodations for locks, latches, and handles. At the same time, locksmiths can stock some door wraps that have been designed to work for common interior and exterior doors on homes and commercial buildings. These are handy to carry along to quickly restore functionality and security because of unanticipated damage for an emergency door repair.

What Kinds of Door Problems Can Door Wraps Help Solve?

These are examples of the kinds of problems that door wraps can help you solve:

  • Damage for rough use
  • Forced entry
  • Poor door preparation or settling
  • Installing different styles of locks

Damage from rough use

Over time, lots of use tends to wear out the door latch first. When the latch loosens, people may try to simply tighten the screws to repair the problem. After awhile, the material behind the door becomes so degraded that the screws won’t hold and may even run into the locking mechanism. Door wraps can reinforce this part of the door to prevent or remediate damage.

Forced entry

In cases where somebody tries to shoulder or kick in a door, a good lock may hold up. However, the entire door may splinter around the lock. A door wrap can repair this kind of damage and provide extra security against forced entry in the future.

Poor door preparation or settling

If the door wasn’t properly installed in the first place, the latch may not line up correctly with the latch hole. In other circumstances, the building might settle over time and throw the installation out of alignment. This problem needs a repair that restores functionality and appearance. You can use a door wrap to cover the previous installation after you have drilled a new one.

Installing different styles of locks

In some cases, doors have pre-cut holes to install certain standard locks. If you want to install an upgrade, you may need to drill a different hole. Again, you can use a door wrap to cover the opening, reinforce the door, and restore appearance.

Door Wraps as Proactive Measures

Previously, this article discussed specific door damage that door wraps can help repair. In other words, you may use a door wrap to restore both function and appearance. However, you might install a door wrap before the door suffers any damage as a way to improve security and prolong your door’s useful life.

For instance, no deterrent can offer a 100-percent guarantee against entry by a skilled and determined burglar. Still, protective door wraps can discourage forced entry and encourage burglars or vandals to find easier doors to knock in. By reinforcing the door and the area around the lock mechanism, they can also help protect doors that may suffer because of rough use or severe weather conditions. If you’d rather invest a little extra to avoid unexpected problems, you might consider installing a door wrap before your door gets damaged.

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